Python: Now at your Fingertips!

Python: Now at your Fingertips!

Ask ten programmers which programming language you should learn first. You'll probably get eleven different answers (Believe me, I’ve tried it.)!

Yes, there are thousands of options, and your choice will depend on the specific task you're working on. We offered some advice about choosing in a previous post.

Let’s take a look at Python - a language that many programmers recommend as the best language for beginners because it's simple, and yet it offers great capabilities.

What is Python - besides being one of the largest snakes on the planet?

Python is an object-oriented language, just like JavaScript, C++, C#, Pearl, and Ruby. It is free and easy to download. The code is easily read, and not overly strict about syntax. The use of white space and common expressions has eliminated the need for long variable declarations and endless curly brackets.

So, if you're in search of an easy-to-learn programming language, Python is probably your best bet. It seems to be designed with a newcomer in mind. Despite the fact that the language takes its name from British comedy group Monty Python, and it's relatively easy to understand, it's not something you shouldn’t take seriously. The one fact to keep in mind is that NASA and Google both use it. In fact, Python is one of Google’s preferred languages, and they are always looking to hire people who are Python experts.

For those who are not “coders by blood” - as most of the people surrounding me right now are - but “normal” human beings who would like to explore the differences between Python and other programming languages, I'll share this example. It helped me understand everything more clearly.

Here is some sample code, written in C++:

#include <iostream>

int main()
   std::cout << "Hello, World!";

And here is the same code, but written in Python:

print("Hello, World!")

That's it!

A course on Python coding has been at the top of many SoloLearn Community Members' wish lists. And now, the moment has come to make our learners even happier than they are already! 

Let’s dive into Python together and have fun mastering it. After all, it’s not the languages you learn that matter; it's what you do with them. There's such a buzz around the numerous programming languages that are currently available, that it's easy to be blinded to their true purpose.

Our Learn Python course will help clarify things, demonstrating that this is the tool you need to create something of value. 

Start Learning Python Now!