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Hearts: Deepen your learning

Hearts: Deepen your learning

By now, you might have guessed that we’re in love with learning. We dream of helping you get the skills you need, so we asked, how can we help our Free plan users to learn better?

The answer? Hearts. 

Hearts encourage you to pay closer attention to the lesson you’re studying. 

With coding, that couldn’t be more true. You simply can’t become a master coder without trying out some coding yourself. 

That’s why we’ve made it free for you with Hearts. 

What are Hearts? 

Hearts help pace you as you work through our most valuable content: our practice exercises! You’ll deepen your understanding of the material as you pay closer attention to your answers. Research shows that if you advance too quickly, you might not remember the material long-term. 

With Hearts, you’re more likely to spend more time where you need it most and really master the material. 

Now, you’ll need at least one Heart to continue a lesson, so think of them as life points in a video game.

Wait, can I lose a Heart?

You only lose a Heart if you make a mistake in quiz questions during lessons. 

We discovered that Sololearners understand the material better when they needed to pay close attention. Plus they could focus on improving their weak points. After all, if someone was stuck and just guessing at an answer, their Hearts would run out too quickly for them to move on to the next section.  

Instead of skipping exercises that you find hard to crack, other Sololearners can help you find and understand their solutions in the Comments section and in the Discuss forum.

What if I lose all my Hearts?

If you lose all three, don’t worry, your Hearts will be fully refilled 5 hours after your first mistake. If you don’t feel like taking a break, you can refill your set of Hearts with Bits. 

Think of it as a reminder to take a break by looking at a previous lesson, working on a Code Project, or even tackling a Code Challenge with a friend. When they refill and you return to your lesson, you’ll be back with a fresher mind for faster learning!

Who gets them?

All our Free plan users! As a Free plan user, you start with 3 Hearts to tackle lessons.  

PRO users get unlimited Hearts

As a PRO user, you get unlimited Hearts. With PRO, you can get to your learning goals fast, with an unlimited number of mistakes. 

Even better, as a PRO you can choose your learning style. Sometimes you’ll want to learn by taking regular breaks and with unlimited Hearts. Other times, you’ll want to tackle something until you understand it 100%, with no interruptions slowing you down. Want to finish a course in one go? PRO makes that much easier. 

You can also get as creative as you want when solving problems and experiment knowing that you can always try again. 

Either way, you can follow your Heart and choose the style that suits you best.

Where can I see them?

You can see Hearts both on mobile and on the web. The number next to the Heart icon tells you how many you have left. You can also open the banner to see how long it will take for them to refill or in order to use your Bits to refill a Heart.

On your phone, you can open the Hearts banner from the bottom right corner of your screen on your course homepage or in the top right corner of your lessons. 

On the web, you can find it in the top right corner of the page on both the course homepage and in your lessons. 

Wanna try Hearts out for yourself? Just jump into the app and try out a practice exercise.

Happy learning!