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Ready to rise up our Leaderboard? Get rewarded for learning!

Ready to rise up our Leaderboard? Get rewarded for learning!

When you’re learning something new it’s incredibly motivating to watch yourself get better and do things you couldn’t do before. It’s also fun to compete with others. We all have a little competitive fire in us, don’t we? 

So what’s better than watching your skills grow and competing with friends? Doing both, at the same time!

Our new Leaderboard lets you learn, earn, compete, and level up. You don’t need to be the best coder; you just need to do your best to learn something new.

And you’re better at learning than you might think. 


How does it work?

6-30 Sololearners compete against each other in a Leaderboard and receive Bits as a reward for learning. 

You rise up the ranks by earning XP and you only need 10 XP to join the fun.  

Each Leaderboard lasts one week and lets you face off against randomly picked users. If you get enough XP by the end of those 7 days, you’ll blast off to the next league.

At the beginning of the next week, your Leaderboard XP resets to zero for a fresh start and you’ll face new challengers from your new league (if you’ve leveled up).

How do I level up? 

If you’re in one of the top 15 positions on the Leaderboard, you’ll level up. The one exception? Saturn League! You can’t go up further than that since it’s the top league. 

If you’re in one of the top 3 positions on the Leaderboard, no matter which league you’re in, you’ll get Bits as a bonus reward!

Now, if you’re in one of the bottom 6 positions you’ll level down (unless you’re in Mercury League). 

Who is the Leaderboard for?

It’s for everyone! Whether you’re a PRO Sololearner, a free user, on the web, or on your phone, you can have fun with everyone on the platform.

How many leagues are there?

Six. You start your journey at Mercury League and as you solve challenges, go through lessons, and figure out practice exercises, you’ll fly up to Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and finally Saturn League.


Once you’re in Saturn League, you’re done leveling up. From then on, you’ll defend your position from the strongest users in Sololearn. The competition is fierce, but we know you can do it.  

How do I earn XP?


You’ll get rewarded when you:

  • Complete lessons
  • Solve practice exercises
  • Do a Code Repo
  • Try a coding challenge
  • Keep your streak

If you’re ever wondering about whether something will get you more XPs, you can always check out the “Earn XP” tab under “Leaderboard”. 

Now, if you want to rise all the way to Saturn League you’ll need to focus on earning enough XP every week for a couple of weeks. Leaderboard champions are consistently learning, after all. 

What if I’m having a tough week? 


It happens to us all. Don’t worry, while you might drop down a league, you can always start fresh the next week and work your way back up. At the start of each week, there’s a new Leaderboard and you get new opponents to compete with. Only the XP you earn that week counts for your ranking. 

Where can I see the Leaderboard?

If you’re on mobile, you’ll find the Leaderboard tab in the middle of the main navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. 

If you’re on the web, you’ll find the Leaderboard tab at the top of the Home page next to the Courses tab. 

Can I disable the Leaderboard?

Of course. If you go into your Profile > Settings (the  ‘…’ in the top right) > Leaderboard, and there you can choose to leave it on or not. 

We do recommend leaving it on because according to scientific research, people learn better when they feel challenged.  

Are you ready to scale up your tech skills and fly to the stars? 

Try out the Leaderboard and see what you can do!