To Swift or not to Swift?

To Swift or not to Swift?

SoloLearn has launched its new course, Learn Programming with Swift, for those who want to easily and quickly master Apple’s new programming language.

We still remember the major buzz around the new product, which was announced at Apple’s WWDC 2014. This time the buzz was around something you couldn't even touch. Apple had successfully kept Swift a secret, making its debut a genuine shocker and causing excitement among developers.

Some background

Amazingly, Objective-C, Apple's traditional language of choice, has been in use for over 30 years. Just imagine: It originated in the early 1980s, long before it occurred to anyone that software engineers would someday be writing programs for use with telephones. Apple has tried to update the language, but it had a long way to go. Creating a whole new programming language turned out to be a more workable solution.

The new language tends to not only make writing iOS apps much easier, but also faster and more stable, creating results that perform better in the end. 

What does this mean for developers?

Swift is the first language to crack the Top 20 most popular programming languages after one year, according to rankings from research and analyst firm RedMonk. In addition, a survey conducted by Stack Overflow indicates that Swift is the most loved language among developers.

Swift is easy to learn and easy to use! It's lowered the industry's entry barrier. Early on, this raised the concern that this might make it more likely that amateur developers would create numerous apps of dubious quality. This is still possible, although it's just as possible for updates made to other programming languages over the years.

At SoloLearn, we believe that it takes much more than knowing any single language to be successful as an iOS developer. There are numerous concepts for software engineering, tools like Git and Xcode, understanding of the iOS SDK, app design, gaming tools and Game Center, and the hurdles involved with submitting apps to the App Store. All of them contribute to the skill set needed to become a successful iOS Developer. However, Swift is the one skill a developer MUST have to be successful.

After all, isn't it typical for coders to enjoy mastering the latest and greatest? Sure, it is!!!

Go get SoloLearn's Learn Programming with Swift and jump right in!