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R - the lingua franca of statistics, is live now!

R - the lingua franca of statistics, is live now!

Exciting news — Today, Sololearn is excited to launch our new R Course, the lingua franca of Statistics. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the core language of statisticians, analysts, and data scientists, now is your chance. 

Why did we launch R?

We heard over and over again from our community that you wanted R as a course to learn in Sololearn. So, as a response to all of your requests, we set out to create the R course to deliver what you have all been waiting for. The course is intended for anyone who works with data, or wants to develop statistical software and data analysis. If that sounds like you, then give it a try today!

About R

Did you know that R is free and open source, and is used by most data scientists and data analysts? During this course you will learn the basics of R to perform data analysis tasks using various data sets, visualizing the results using graphs and charts. R is great for machine learning, data visualization and analysis, and some areas of scientific computing. R also has one of the biggest communities of learners worldwide, and we are sure that the Sololearn community will help each other master the language together. Lastly, did you know the average salary for a U.S.-based data scientist who uses R is $200,000? R offers an entry point to enormous opportunity, so get in the app and start learning it now! 

We are always listening to our community and responding to your feedback. Please let us know what you think and also let us know what other courses you want us to create so we can add them to our list. 

Finally, if you happen to be doing our Back To School Challenge right now, we released the R course just in time so you have a little something new to practice. We hope you enjoy it!

Happy Learning!

Your Friends at Sololearn