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Back to School is here! Get in a dream coding shape with Sololearn.

Back to School is here! Get in a dream coding shape with Sololearn.

It’s that time of year when you have to put away your beach bag and take your backpack! 

Are you excited to go back to the classroom? The pandemic has transformed the teaching system. Your learning habits have changed and it’s time to reshape them.

It’s time to get in shape and go back to school, which is by the way the greatest Back to School ever! With months of COVID-19 restrictions and online teaching, you might feel anxious to go back to the classroom. But it’s also exciting to get to see your teachers and friends again! So, it’s crucial to be very well prepared, and we are here to smoothen the process. We have prepared a great opportunity for you to refresh your skills.

Sololearn is announcing the start of the biggest Back to School campaign ever with an expert crafted coding challenge. Get back in a dream coding shape with our special guide of 14 days. This guide includes effective, yet fun challenges which help to get back to your coding and learning shape. 

Set a goal, complete the challenges each day for 14 days, and VOILA! You are in perfect coding shape to go back to your classroom. Before we post our first challenge, make sure to check our prep checklist and tell your coding buddies to join you. 

Turn on your push notifications, check your email and stay tuned as something fun is coming! 


Sololearn Team