Is Certification Important?

Is Certification Important?

The importance of certification is a constant debate topic. While many companies have similar views on importance of certification, no company sees the issue in the same light. When hiring some look primarily at certification while others value the real life experience more. Of course, it also depends on a certificate or a number of years of the experience and the outcome. However, nowadays there are many companies that do not particularly care about certification and see many problems as certification is regarded as…


In today’s rapidly growing and constantly changing tech industries certification is not necessarily a proof of knowledge. Furthermore, companies do not need someone specialized in only a certain skill; most of the companies value adaptability and integration. Since it is expensive to keep professionals with every skill set, companies hire people who have a well-rounded skill set and are ready to learn and adapt to new technologies and new ways.

Not necessarily a good measure of problem solving skills

Some believe that certification does not necessarily test you problem solving skills; it simply explains how to tackle certain problems, but does not give understanding of how and why those techniques are used to solve certain issues. According to certain companies, this skill and ability to analyze comes from commitment, interest, and, most importantly, experience.

On the other hand, of course there are advocates of certification and certain companies who consider it a requirement as certification still remains…

A tangible measure of skill

Certification is seen as a "proof of knowledge"; it is sole tangible measure of skill and knowledge; that is why many companies feel safer hiring someone with certain certifications.

A "Foundation provider"

Certification provides a minimum foundation and makes it easier to see the bigger picture and thus make better informed decisions.

A proof of commitment

While not all companies concentrate on certification they all agree that certifications demonstrate commitment and an ability to achieve a certain educational goal; they show persistence and an interest in a particular field.

Overall, it is safe to say that certification is decreasing its importance, but it still plays an important role in screening process and gives advantage when applying for higher level positions.

That’s why here in SoloLearn we are providing our community with certificates in order to help them shape a better future for themselves as well as their companies.