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The Sololearn Rebranding Story: Why We Did It & What It Means

The Sololearn Rebranding Story: Why We Did It & What It Means

Our vision at Sololearn is to bridge the skills gap that exists between the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow. We come to work everyday to build a platform customized to each individual's daily learning goals, pace, preferences, and potential.

That’s why we have some big news to share today: We are updating the Sololearn brand, logo, and wordmark! Learn more about the change, why we did it, and what it means in this article.

A Bit Of Sololearn Brand History… 

Our current logo has served us well for many years. It was originally created by our co-founder’s wife back in 2014, long before anyone knew about Sololearn. It was simple, recognizable, and easy to remember, and the circular shape embodied all that and more. The petals became a metaphor for our diverse and passionate community, where everyone has individual learning goals, needs, and knowledge all while supporting each other.  And for seven years, it was all we needed. 

But as we have grown over time, our needs have grown too. We felt we had to modernize and simplify as our product improved and our community grew, and we knew we needed to reflect these new experiences with a refreshed brand. Also, we started to see a disconnect between industry standards and uses and our designs, posing design challenges every day.

What Is A Brand Update And Why Did We Do It? 

We kicked off the official rebranding process many months ago with a lot of research to learn what people think Sololearn represents. That research included talking to employees to understand their perceptions about Sololearn — our mission/vision, whom we aim to serve, and what people think Sololearn is meant to do. We also interviewed our moderators to further understand what Sololearn means to our most committed constituency who helps us keep the Sololearn community a happy and safe place to learn to code everyday. Finally, we took what we learned from moderators and employees, and used it to survey a group of core active users to both validate perceptions, and identify gaps in what our brand represents and what our end users think. We synthesized and discussed what we learned, and found common principles and defining characteristics that set the stage for ongoing work as we sharpen our brand and communications over time.

What Is Happening Today? 

Today is the first step in the brand’s evolution. We are updating the Sololearn logo and wordmark to make it more identifiable and cutting edge. You will see that our new logo has changed to focus on four core colors, and has been simplified to four leafs rather than an entire wheel of several colors and petals.


Also, we updated the wordmark, lowercasing the second L so that it now reads “Sololearn” — it is now one word, rather than two words put together. 

Finally, we broadened and enriched the color pallete of our brand, codifying the exact tones and shades for each color that we will use across our app, website, and marketing communications like our emails, blog, and social media posts. And when we speak about colors, our new palette will not only support our interfaces with meaningful feedback and interesting visual elements to spice up the learning experience. They will also evoke what matters to us most:

  • Blue stands for education and scientific approach we focus on when building our product  
  • Yellow symbolizes our youthfulness and desire to innovate without fear  
  • Purple is our calm, experienced side, professional, and smart  
  • And magenta is what makes us different, energetic, and playful

This effort will unify the look and feel of Sololearn across all of our properties and open up a world of creativity for all of us.

What’s Next For The Sololearn Brand? 

Our team is updating the color schemes we use, formalizing them so Sololearn has a consistent look and feel everywhere. You might see some new, brighter, and different colors appear in the app, in emails, on the website/blog, or in social posts. It’s all related. And, be on the lookout for some new special characters, fun images with personality that we hope to incorporate into our app, website, and other materials.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email us with your comments at [email protected]. We are also doing a lot of social media posts related to this update, so feel free to follow us and comment there. We are listening.

Thank you for being a dedicated part of our Sololearn community. We have a lot more exciting stuff coming and are thrilled to share it with you over time.


The Sololearn Team