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Announcing Code Repo for HTML Course 

Announcing Code Repo for HTML Course 

Today, we‘re super excited to announce a new feature called Code Repo! Code Repo is a way for people to practice writing code inside a course, starting with HTML. It connects a series of practice opportunities together and produces a final output at the end of the course —  a personalized, HTML-based CV as your final project! Using Code Repo, you’ll learn HTML and create a resume at the same time. Code Repo is available when you subscribe to SoloLearn PRO. Check it out today by starting your free trial.


HTML is one of the fundamental programming languages of the web, and it creates the core structure of every webpage. As one of the building blocks of coding, there are many reasons to master HTML, and we even blogged about the top 5 reasons to learn HTML. Trying out the Code Repo feature in our HTML course is yet another one.

Using HTML to create a CV makes a ton of sense. In a recent poll we conducted on LinkedIn, we asked people what tools they use to create their resume. 58% responded that they turn to ready-to-use  templates, with only 25% of people saying they had considered using HTML/CSS.  


With Code Repo, you can ditch the pre-built templates and focus on creating a CV with HTML. Not only will you learn something new, but you will also add another talking point as you grow in your career.

When can you get it?

Code Repo launches today as part of our HTML course, and we plan to expand it to our other courses soon. If you’re a SoloLearn user, you know that we focus on multiple ways for you to master coding, and Code Repo is just another valuable tool we offer to enhance your learning experience. 


As mentioned above, you need a PRO account to access Code Repo. The best way to learn how to code is through practice, and you get the best of SoloLearn by subscribing to our premium practice content with a PRO account. Start with a free trial today, and give our subscription a try to access tons of ways to practice designed by our in-house experts.  

Enjoy your learning!