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Web Course Redesign

Web Course Redesign

SoloLearn offers so many coding languages for you to learn and master. Whether you’re studying to become a developer, or a business person interested in honing your analytical skills, we’ve got something for you to start coding. And as we always say, practice is the key for anyone who is serious about mastering a technical topic. It’s no coincidence that we built multiple ways to practice throughout our learning experience to help you improve your skills.

Today, we are happy to share that we have made practice on the web much better. We’ve redesigned lessons to prominently feature Code Coaches, which are the opportunities we created for you to practice what you’ve learned. The enhanced design makes Code Coaches more visible, so you’ll never miss that critical chance to practice. Code Coaches now appear directly in a course, next to individual lessons, just like the mobile app experience. The next time you jump from the app to the website, you’ll see Code Coaches just like they appear on mobile. 

To get the most out of SoloLearn and all of our premium practice content that is designed by experts, you will need to subscribe to our PRO offering. We are always improving the learning experience, making it both easier to navigate, and more efficient to learn. Now, you won’t miss out anything with the new design on the web from Sololearn.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the new course design on the web to see any of those Code Coaches you might have missed inside your lessons...and start solving them!

Happy Learning!