The Universal Second Language: Why Everyone Should Learn Coding

The Universal Second Language: Why Everyone Should Learn Coding

A couple of years ago, when someone asked why he or she should learn programming, the answer was simple: To get a good job with a high salary.

During the 21st century, coding has become a core job skill. Computer skills are now essential, even if you’ve already got a non-technical job.

In this post, we'd like to share just a few reasons to consider taking a few minutes of your time to explore the positive effects knowing how to code can have on your career - and on your life outside of work, as well.

Gaining programming and coding skills will qualify you for dozens of new job opportunities, but besides that, it will enable you to...

...Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Even if you never become a professional software developer, you will benefit from knowing how to consider questions or issues as a coder would. You'll have the ability to understand and master technologies of all sorts and solve problems in almost any discipline.

 ...Change Your Way of Thinking

Steve Jobs once said, "Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think."

Programming is a component of computer science, which helps in the development of critical thinking skills. Having such skills is extremely useful when the need for processing and presenting information and thinking analytically arises.

...Create or Change Things

The act of programming almost feels like you're "acting God-like"! In other words, you're creating your own world, complete with all of the features you want. You can turn the blank text file into a working program, with nothing to limit you but your imagination. Doesn’t that sound completely amazing?

It's also great fun to see someone using your creation. Your ability to improve your life and the lives of your friends and family is limited only by your ideas once you can take full control of your computer.

 ...Stay Competitive

Whether you want to give your career a boost, or you just think it's important to keep pace with the rest of the world, learning to code has never been more important or more accessible.

Today's world is full of web services, and being familiar with computer science will help you stay competitive in the fast-growing digital economy.

Programming hasn't grown this popular "just because". There is a growing realization that knowing how to program is essential for everyone, and especially for the younger generation.

Early in 2015, President Obama asserted that making computer programming education a requirement in the public schools makes sense, and went on to further endorse the idea:

Learning computer skills will change the way we do just about everything. Don't just buy a new video game, make one. Don't just download the latest app, help design it. No one is born a computer scientist, but with a little hard work, just about anyone can become one. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

The idea that everyone should learn coding, which is widely regarded as the new universal second language, is not about creating a nation of coders who will create the next Twitter or Facebook. It's about tapping into everyone’s creativity and developing the invaluable skill of being able to solve problems.

Even if you have no plans to become a software engineer, spend a few weeks or months learning to code. It will sharpen your ability to troubleshoot and solve all sorts of problems.

Start Learning Coding!