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Announcing New Python Courses on SoloLearn

Announcing New Python Courses on SoloLearn

Just yesterday, we blogged about all you need to know about basic and intermediate Python, and Python data structures. Today, we are psyched to announce that we have launched three new Python courses on SoloLearn. Our team spent the past few months preparing Python for Beginners, Intermediate Python, and Python for Data Structures so you can gain a deeper understanding of Python. Now, you might be asking who are they intended for and why should you care? First, let’s summarize why Python is one of the most popular languages used by millions of developers worldwide..

With a clean and readable syntax, many universities and schools start their CS degrees with Python because it is easy to learn. But, Python is also extremely versatile and powerful, making it a preferred solution at places like Google and NASA, which use Python for more advanced technologies. All of these reasons make Python a great programming language to master.


Who are these new courses for?

With all these new courses, it might seem confusing on where to begin. Here’s a simple summary:

Python for Beginners — Meant for those with no experience in Python, this course will show you the ropes. We’ll cover the basic concepts, guide you through writing your first lines of code code, build real-life projects, and solve different coding challenges.

Intermediate Python — If you have some familiarity with Python, want a refresher, or if you finished the beginner course, our Intermediate Python course is for you. This course teaches you about Python collection types, lambda functions, generators, decorators, object-oriented programming, and much more. Like all of our other SoloLearn courses, you will build real-world projects and solve several programming challenges designed to hone your Python skills.

Python for Data Structures — Since nearly every program uses data, learning how to organize, manage, and store data is critical for your application. Our Python for Data Structures course will give you the skills needed to store and manage your data, and Python has a number of built-in tools like:

  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • Sets

In Python for Data Structures, you will learn how to use these to store data through examples. This course is intended for intermediate-level learners familiar with the basics of Python.

It’s all about the practice!

If you’re asking yourself, “What if I have already finished SoloLearn’s original Python course and earned my certificate?” No problem. You may still want to take these three new courses to brush up your skills, practice even more, and dive deeper into specific topics like Data Structures. 

Plus, each new course has a lot of new, expertly-crafted Code Coach Challenges, code examples to try in the Code Playground, and new Code Projects to test your knowledge against real-world interview questions. 

Try all of them out, or pick just one, to expand your opportunities to practice and improve your problem-solving skills. Start one of the new courses today, and get that new certificate for your SoloLearn Profile! Stay tuned for dozens of new courses coming soon to SoloLearn.