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Introducing New Practice on SoloLearn

Introducing New Practice on SoloLearn

Today, we are excited to announce new ways to practice exclusively on SoloLearn. We have added all new Practice Challenges in courses, End of Module Projects, and Tap to Run opportunities for you to improve your Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++ and SQL skills. 

Repeated practice has been shown by learning theorists to cement core concepts and fundamentals into memory. We’ve built on that learning theory by integrating opportunities to practice all throughout the SoloLearn experience. And today, we just shipped a lot more good stuff:

Code Coach Challenges

Practice challenges that are interspersed in lessons throughout each course are valuable moments that relate directly to the programming language you are studying. By adding these practice exercises throughout, you can now directly apply the knowledge you have gained by solving real coding problems. Test your knowledge by trying all the practice inside the Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++, and SQL courses.

Code Playground

Sometimes you just need to see the code first, and that’s exactly what the Code Playground offers with Tap to Run moments. Rather than writing code from scratch, you can tap into any Tap to Run to see immediately how a coding concept from a lesson comes to life. Using the built-in developer environment, you can play with the code to see how your edits will change the output, or simply tap “run” to see what the code does. Playing with code is a great way to practice.

Code Projects

At the end of a module of lessons within the Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++ and SQL courses, we’ve added End of Module Projects to challenge you. These projects use real-world problems based on questions developers face during the job interview process. What better way to see how your learning stacks up against actual code challenges from real developers. Now, you have to complete all of the new End of Module Projects, and all the lessons in a course in order to receive our new course certificate. Any learners who completed the course before will keep their original certificate, but are encouraged to complete all of the new End Of Module projects to get the new certificate. Share your new certificates on your SoloLearn profile, or externally to places like LinkedIn or Instagram!

To gain access to all of the new features, you will need to update your app. You will be able to try all of the above features, but in some cases like the code practice opportunities in courses, you may need to upgrade to SoloLearn PRO to get unlimited access to the premium experience. Read all about the benefits of SoloLearn PRO here.

Stay tuned for more features to come. We have a lot of exciting things coming soon that will help you upgrade your technical skills.