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Sololearn Mentor Program


Who are Sololearn Mentors?

Mentors are Sololearn users who voluntarily make outstanding contributions to our positive, thriving community. They’re eager to learn, to share their knowledge, and to improve themselves and others. They act with patience and kindness in all situations. They’re also experts in Sololearn itself. In short, they’re people who help make the Sololearn community a better place for everyone.

Key traits of Sololearn Mentors:

  • They love to learn. They’re eager to share and expand their own knowledge, thrive on helping to answer questions and guide new learners. 
  • They’re active participants in the community. They’re welcoming and patient with new learners. They love to challenge themselves and other learners to grow their skills.
  • They value and respect the person behind the profile. They understand that everyone brings their own perspective and experience and that the best learning environment is one that allows people to express themselves without fear of harassment or aggression.

What can Sololearn Mentors do?

  • Help answer community questions.
  • Guide new learners to have the best experience.
  • Create their own challenges and initiatives.
  • Hide inappropriate content for moderation review.
  • Nominate new Mentors.

What are the perks of being a Sololearn Mentor?

  • Receive free Sololearn Pro.
  • Get confidential access to selected upcoming features and releases.
  • Gain Mentor exclusive badges and achievements.
  • Have greater impact with their upvotes.
  • Have any bug and community reports prioritized.
  • Have direct access to Sololearn staff to give feedback and suggestions.
  • Receive employment endorsements upon request.
  • Have their stories showcased on Sololearn’s social media, with Mentor permission.

How do you become a Sololearn Mentor?

Sololearn looks for community members who have shown patience in helping all community members, no matter their level of experience. They share Sololearn values, and demonstrate this through their love of learning, positive actions, respect for diverse individuals, and a desire for a welcoming, inclusive space. 

Community members can be nominated by active Mentors or selected due to their outstanding contributions to the community. A Sololearn staff member will reach out to see if they would like to join the Mentor program. If the invitation is accepted, the new Mentor will receive free Sololearn Pro and be given access to all Mentor-exclusive perks. The other Mentors and Sololearn staff will be resources and help the new Mentor navigate their new privileges and abilities.

In the event that a Mentor abuses their privileges, violates the Sololearn Terms of Use or Content Creation and Community Guidelines, acts in bad faith, or has a negative impact on the community, all privileges and abilities may be revoked. They may or may not be warned before action is taken, depending on the severity of the offense, and they shall be privately notified of any action. Any badges, achievements, or XP earned as a Mentor will remain, access to Mentor perks including free Pro will be revoked. Unless further disciplinary action is warranted, the Mentor will simply return to being a regular user.

Mentors may also choose to step down from the Mentor role. They simply need to notify their Sololearn point of contact that they wish to leave the program and they will be returned to being a regular user. Any badges, achievements, or XP earned as a Mentor will remain, access to Mentor perks including free Pro will be revoked.