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What computer language should I start with

html javascript swift c# python c++ java php objective-c c
Mohammad Sarim

11/4/2016 8:54:29 AM

Email validation.

javascript html5 functions forms objects objective-c

7/18/2016 3:21:00 PM

Which is better, web development or software development ?

html javascript c# python c++ java php objective-c c ruby
Md. Mubtashim Fuad

8/3/2018 11:02:58 AM

Can you mention the real path to be a good mobile developer?!

javascript swift c# java objects objective-c sololearn all kotlin xamrin
M.K.S ©

6/11/2019 2:08:07 AM

How are mobile web browsers developed?

swift c++ java objective-c android ios app mobile language web-browser

5/7/2017 12:21:55 AM

What programming language is the best for you?

swift c# python c++ java objective-c c pascal j#
Mohammad Selim

9/12/2017 11:19:35 PM

Swift vs Objective-C (iOS)

swift objective-c learn ios help apps self-learning
Chris Martinez

1/16/2018 12:01:26 AM

What is your first language?

javascript swift c# python perl c++ java objective-c ruby
Aleksey Grishay

1/10/2017 1:18:29 PM