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Write a program to read 10 numbers and find the average positive odd number?

10 and average find numbers positive program read the to writea
زهرة العمر

4/9/2021 2:06:28 AM

Write a program to multiply two numbers using function pointer. 

function multiply numbers pointer. program to two using writea
Vivek Jadhav

6/22/2021 11:20:11 AM

Write a function that takes an integer minutes and converts it to seconds.

an and converts function integer it minutes takes that to writea
Mosindi Chidozie

4/10/2022 6:06:24 PM

Hello can you help me?

15 age an find how many of of out person program read to writea
Muzamil Magdy

9/8/2022 11:20:06 AM

Write a program that asks the measure ser for their name and greets them with their name

and asks for gree measure name program ser that the their writea
Glaiza Brizuela

9/28/2021 1:41:24 PM