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c++ deleting spaces

c++ getline string tables
Mateusz Banaszak

5/20/2019 12:00:25 PM

cin.getline ()

c++ cin.getline function getline

12/12/2019 2:59:25 PM

Question about output

c++ getline question

12/8/2018 10:00:20 AM

Please help me in this code!

c++ cpp getline strings
Laukik Shah

4/9/2020 4:34:59 AM

[SOLVED] Why does it say that i isn't equal to -1?

arrays c++ equal getline size solved

2/16/2020 4:36:52 PM

Help Please. Add String to existing Array???

arrays c++ cin food getline input loops strings
Ragnar Mxyzptlk

9/21/2021 8:33:03 PM

[Solved]Why my output repeat the last name in the notepad?

array c++ getline ifstream output readfile string vector

11/11/2019 9:43:21 AM