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Funny Quotes

fronz-tec funny joke quotes
Elite Code Productions

1/5/2017 2:41:12 PM

Funny Programmer Jokes

c c# c++ cpython funny java javascript jokes programmer python python3
-- -- --

11/5/2016 3:25:28 PM

Funny Ideas!!!

artificial intelligence learning machine
Sathish Kumar

9/25/2017 2:25:07 AM


c# c++ html java javascript python ruby

4/13/2017 10:08:20 AM

[challenge]πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚ that funny numberπŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚

challenge challenges cpp java javascript number python3 ruby swift theory
Oma Falk

11/21/2017 8:19:52 AM


9/3/2017 4:00:32 PM

Funny comments on some codes

comments funnny jokes

7/18/2017 9:36:57 AM

Funny Quiz Questions

python quiz

12/31/2017 6:24:30 AM

Funny question.. Day Streak..

c# c++ css funny html java js pythone ruby swift
Baraa AB

5/12/2017 7:54:46 AM

A funny Java joke:

code coding fun java javascript joke
Juan Pérez Torralbo

3/30/2018 1:44:57 PM

Programming BEST Funny Jokes!

binary funny joke jokes mastitime programming
Saurabh Verma

7/31/2017 2:16:20 PM

Simple and funny puzzle.

decrement easy fun increment javascript php programming puzzle
Rose Sevenyears

5/15/2017 5:12:14 AM


12/17/2017 12:13:47 PM

Funny coding LOL DDD

code creative funny original

8/17/2017 1:25:12 PM

Puzzle : simple and funny

funny puzzle simple
NimWing Yuan

5/15/2017 6:42:56 AM