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Hey You are back-end or front-end developer?

back-end developer front-end java programming python sololearn
Maninder $ingh

6/12/2018 5:55:48 PM

Front-end Web Dev or Back-end?

design server-side web webdevelopment
Rhodel Itang

6/1/2018 3:53:39 PM

Test Driven Development --- Front-end

front-end integrated-tests tdd unit-tests web

4/18/2017 6:28:42 PM

What is your favored front-end language?

coffeescript ecma6 javascript js typescript
Etay Cohen-Solal (ET)

11/7/2017 2:55:37 PM

Is it hard to become a front-end developer?

css design front-end html javascript jquary sass web web-dev
Danial Azadpour

8/10/2019 3:36:57 AM