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Computer science

c++ computer java
Aaron Yang

3/29/2019 2:18:44 AM

Computer Vision

c++ challenge computer opencv python vision

4/4/2019 1:26:39 AM

Who invented the computer virus?

computer software virus
Shaikh Saif

4/26/2018 2:01:31 PM

Is Computer Science a science?

computer definition informatics programming science students teaching university
Robert Paulson

11/12/2017 9:07:27 PM


6/26/2017 7:26:22 AM


2/15/2020 9:47:14 AM

How computer works

computer how sololearn work

1/4/2019 6:36:52 PM


coding college different excel laptops programmin programs student windows
Senisa Aldape

10/17/2018 2:46:26 AM

Computer joke

computerjoke joke
Leonid Iudakov

12/21/2017 9:40:43 PM

Can you get hired as a developer without computer science degree?

computer degree, developer gethired science selftought

11/5/2018 7:17:07 PM


javascript language more python useful
Gummadi Nishna

5/17/2018 1:21:43 PM

Computer programs

computer programs python3
GD cheerios YT

9/28/2018 7:58:17 PM

What is computer Architecture?

architecture computer system
Nithish Krish

1/15/2019 4:40:31 PM