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Why codes like "hi sololearn" have the largest number of likes (upvotes)?

sololearn hello hi best like world upvote vote likes most
Sławek J.

4/14/2019 10:32:24 AM

What is code block?

methods help confusion
Jaspreet Hayer

4/19/2019 4:53:45 AM

How to code

code to how
Jewells Birikorang

4/23/2019 10:02:38 AM

[AngularJS]How to improve this code?

html css javascript html5 css3 angularjs
Aaditya Deshpande

4/22/2019 8:54:49 PM

Help!!!!! Codepen

html css positioning code codeplayground help image codepen

4/10/2019 12:17:07 AM

What's coding

code is what
Kooshin Warfaa

4/21/2019 7:30:52 AM

How much time did learning HTML take you?

html html5 sololearn code self-learning

4/23/2019 7:15:46 PM