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<article> or <div>?

<article> <div> html html5
Emma Hjortsberg

9/13/2016 9:26:18 AM

Has <article> really replaced <div> ?

article bootstrap div html html4 html5 sololearn
Arsalan Zargar

4/30/2017 6:37:29 AM

When to use the <div> and <article> tags?

html5 web-design web-development
Anthony Leon

6/5/2019 9:25:56 PM

What does html4 use instead of <article> element

code codeplayground html html4 html5
Musab Hassan

1/27/2019 12:46:55 PM

What is the Difference Between <section> & <article> tag?

<article> <section> difference help html5
Siriki Lohit

11/5/2020 10:35:30 AM