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Challenge system change suggestion

Before sending this to SL, I would like to hear some opinions on it :) It seems to me that the last changes in the scoring system were aimed at stimulating more challenges and more points for correct answers, so it seem that the following would benefit to it some more: 1. Sent challenges expiration time to start not when challenge is created, but when the 5th question is complete. 2. If a challenge is sent and it expires with the opponent the player gets 1 x correct answers XP. So...., what do you think?

1/9/2018 8:10:05 PM

Nikolay Nachev

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I agree with NimWing , expired challenge must give xp when user who was challenged is present there //btw , i want more new questions in challenges


About the first one I really think the timeout should act individually on questions not during the whole challenge.I totally agree with 2:With the rising number of inactive challengers,challenges get very boring when soo many expire.At least 3xp would do.And I'll add mine!! 3:the rating system is veeery pooor I challenge someone who is as good as me in html and I still lose 32xp?the fact that I'm good at other languages shouldn't influence the current.People like you sir nikolay should not always lose 32xp to everybody just because you're lvl17.. and so what?several level 9 have mastered html.At least it should vary between maybe -10xp to -32xp


I agree that when challenges expire the challenger should get XP, so that it's not a complete waste


Great suggestion!


Wouldnt that lead to challenge storm to non-active sololearners? I am not sure wether or not. Might be reduced to random opponent? How does it contribute to epic badge? Generally I agree!


Agreed about the above mentioned points of the question. 3rd point I want to add: Every user should have a profile where it shows if he/she/it is available for matches in a specific language. If the user is not available for matches in a specific language, the AI of Sololearn does not allow you to play a match with this user (disabled). Every user could also of course maintain his/her/its availability to challenge or to be challenged in a specific language. So..., what you think about point nr 3 ? 🤔😄🤗 Benefit is nobody (can) challenge people anymore who are not available !


I agree, we should have some experience when challenge expires, because many of them expire. Good thing will be that Sololearn can automaticaly turn off weapons users which don't use them for some time... And thing about time is better in that way...


@nonzyro :



I have forwarded this to the devs. Let me see what they have to say


@Siraj Ali : i am happy you agree ! 👍😊🤗


@Nelson Lobo :


I don't get the logic of loosing points....I think me loosing is a lot worse...besides it discourages competition btn those on higher levels with those below...especially when it comes to new languages that one is learning. at times I feel the questions are so repetitive while others like the ones I have engaged in python don't give you room to get to the logic. I have had answers which I was correct but could not understand the why? I would prefer varied timer being that programming is about creating things. Why not have challenges where we compete on creating thing real life staff.....then once deployed each person who joined in can compare the person with most votes gets the top prize. This way we can learn how to create what we don't and go beyond the quiz format which I appreciate so far


@Gaurav Agrawal : I am happy you agree 👍🤗😊


yeah that's a great suggestion it will help to increase the number of challenges 😊😊


@Nikolay I am interested in 2 edit: 2 is good to go👍+ the difference you suggested 😊 1 is not a bad idea ..but I think it will conflict with Limit🤔🤔


@Andrew there should be a (10-10) or a (20-20) but I seriously think, (10-10) .. (not quizzes) but challenges.. edit: to remove the boredom from challenges... if 2 (or more) challengers want to play a challenge or join a duel they can make sort of a group and start throwing certain(equal) no of challenges @ each other. The winner will be decided only on the bases of who answered most no of quizzes correctly 👍


How about the second one, whatever questions we get right we get 1XP for each question, but no win bonus?


I don't want to write a lot, so I agree with Yerucham. P.S. Ты русский?


I agree..👍👍