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What motivates you when you study?

Is it the fact that the more you learn, the more intresting programming becomes to you? And what do you do when something gets in your way and you don't understand it, do you give up or read until it becomes clear to you?

1/8/2018 10:07:59 PM


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My advice: When something gets in the way of your learning, take it as a challenge. Battle whatever is getting in the way by taking the time to learn more about whatever it is, instead. The more you know about whatever is causing you issues - the better your skill will become at responding to & solving those issues. Learning about something that is holding you back from coding/studying could, in fact, lead you toward a mind-blowing epiphany, where you may actually stumble upon great information that in-turn benefits your learning experience as a whole. That is my advice. Learning is always worth the time you spend on doing it. Learning-obstacles only make the knowledge that you gain more valuable.


I like to learn something new. But I don't forget to rest. It helps me not lose concentration.


A lot of things motivate me... it's usually competition... the thrill of learning something new and a chance to become a better person... Guy Sensei once said "Problems are just chances to succeed"... or something in that context, so they fuel my motivation.. if I try and still can't get it, I ask for assistance.


my 💖


maybe someday I will be able to create a machine where I would store myself in. nobody would want me be there forever anyway



Now answers like these motivate me :)


I want to be website designer/ developer. It motivates me.


If there is persistence (programming), any problem will solve.✊❤ Google & Youtube are my best friends in solving Problems.😃😍 best whises to everyone😄


I motives my self by reminding my self why I start learning ,when it comes to thing's I can't understand easily I tell my self I am subjected to an opportunity to advance my skill!


i study with full concentration and if something gets in my way i look for other sources for same information.......like if i dont understand a program from some textbook, then i search the same in other books or take help of google,youtube. thanks and good luck.


What motivates me is the fact that one day we can create Game-changing AI or proteics that can replace human arms and legs


for me I can't say either since I must give up some times and I dont when I want to clear it, based on situation it depends


Same to me Asiya Rehman, i want to became a great game developer even it need to be a selflearner. Thats why it motivates me well..


My dream of AI xD


I want to impress my friends with my experience in coding and they look up to me for it which feels nice


knowledge is shoreless..I want to gain knowledge as much i can do.. it motivates me to unfold difficult situations. it s not lyk we can't understand specific things. it s just that u need to change ur vision towards it. Nonetheless coding is fun and don't study rather play with it. :)


When i was younger, every stone on my way stopped me. I saw other guys coding and thought, I will never. Then I read about a female mathematican. She said with an IQ of ..... you can understand everything. At the next hurdle I remembered and tested her statement. Ok she was right. Since that time when there is a challenge I trust in my "IQ" . I put that challenge into my collection of testcases for that statement. After years I must say: yes u can do everything. sometimes you need time to get missing knowledge. Sometimes you must ask s.o whats wrong with your thinking. But generally it works. It is still fun for me to test .


Ever since I started learning programming, I'm always thrilled with all of the lessons. Maybe I have a strong passion for programming or it's because of the ideas flowing out of my head and it always motivates me somehow