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hello my friends what is the best programming language for developing a desktop environment of linux OS ? thanks a lot for your help🙏🙏

1/6/2018 11:37:45 PM

Sergeant J

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python + Ubuntu = 💪💪💪💪


Definitely C++. PS. You can check out the languages used to create existing DEs on their wiki pages.


@michael If you dont mind; thats the same thing c: BASH stands for Bourne Again Shell ; There is also CSH (c shell) which has the syntax and usage similar to c language. And marvin is right, different DE use different languages, i havent looked into it much personally but you could chose a DE you like and try to contribute to it.


I think that's bash and linux shell🤔


C++ or C. Both fast, great languages.


Please refrain from spamming links in SL.


C/C++. You can use man command for a lot of the functions and libraries which kinda helps since it's like built in docs.


as far as my knowledge is concert its is C++ n C


C and Python for scripting.


C, C++, Java, Python are the most programming languages that you can use in Linux.


if my understanding is correct.. my answer is shell script..


you must learn C and then C++ .....


Python you can script using python use Ubuntu or centos


Hi. Linux kernel mostly written in C and some parts in Assembler. So you must learn C 🐧


Obviously linux is best for developers as it used by skilled guys unlike user friendly persons use window or rich guys lick macos ... Mah choice is kali linux or even parrotsec but as kali linux is maintained by offsec team ...a team of highly talented pentesters .... Has plenty of programin and reverse engineerin stuff inbuilt ....