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Remotely or Office?

Work from home (remotely) or Work in the office? What do you prefer and why?

1/4/2018 12:30:08 PM

Ghena Ramascan

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My home is my office 😁


I like working from home because we can decide a time to do work. nobody judge you, we can take a decision as a boss☺.


Both have their pros and cons. However, since I've been leading a virtual development team where everyone works remotely, from different locations in the same time zone, 100% of the time, I've really become a fan of remote teams. We leverage various team collaboration technologies that essentially keep us connected throughout the day and operating more efficiently than we would be in an office. We interact via voip, webcam, and screen share so much, it doesn't feel like we are missing out on social connections. However, remote teams only work for certain personalities who can manage themselves in that environment and require dedicated work space free from distraction.


I prefer work in office, because I just want to relax at my home.


@Lucien yes,i can.But i don't like office atmosphere.


Office is better.


I would prefer to work at office because there are many people around you and if you are in trouble you can ask them for help. Home is for spending time with family and relax and sleep so you are ready for the next day challenge.


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I prefer in the office as long as you are not under pressure all the time and not too many people you don't know are sitting next to you. At home i'm usually not that productive.


For me it depends, working in the office can be great for collaboration and also socialisation and I've tried working solely from home before and I start to go slightly mad. However there are times when I'm working on something and did to focus without distractions when I find working from home so beneficial. So a split between the 2 is definitely my preference.


I agree with Jakub, 50/50 would give you the freedom to make your own schedule, run errands and relax and take breaks during work sessions, and it would also have the benefit of socializing with the team and learning collaboratively.


working in home because of freedom


One of the great things about working from home is the lack of a commute. There’s no hurry in the morning to get ready and out the door by a certain time that's because the distance you have to travel is roughly the length of your living space plus there less tension,stress...but working in an office people, then to be more collaborative and innovative when they’re together. Some of the best ideas come from pulling two different ideas together. The answer is that it’s complicated, with both having upsides and downsides.


I prefer work in office because I lend more attention to my job, in home my sons are very time playing and asking to me to do their homeworks. It's the inconvenience of to be a good dad. 😄


work from office because I know myself, everything will be unorganised and messy if I work from home.


BOTH is ideal. I find ways to waste time easier at home lol.


I would love to have a job 50/50. 50% at home, and 50% at office, and enjoy both :)


I think working in a Office increase the chances of creating better softwares and learning good socializing skills for the future in case you ever start your own company.


Remotely working is better than office b'coz it give us freedom of time management and become the boss of your self.


I think working in a office will be much better because it ll give me the feeling that I'm actually working. And of course the fact that there will be other like minded people to share my ideas with