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Software Development Project

I want to make software development project (in java) I am in beginner level. I have no idea what topic should I select for project.. Anyone can give me guidance step by step to make my project..

1/4/2018 6:29:42 AM

Dilhara Abeysinghe

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From the very beginning don't much focus on a UI intensive project. instead, try to make something useful and workable (even very simple one as Lucien mentioned such as a calculator or a password generator or so on). But make it simple at first (because it might overwhelm you if you do UI design and programming at the same time) and after completing the first version, then move on and add some simple UI to it to make it more user-friendly as your next version. As a real example of my own, at the moment, I'm working on a simple Android date converter from solar Hijiri to the Gregorian base. I have some cool design in my mind but I'd like to make it logically correct in the first place. So, Start small. :)


You're welcome my friend. Since my project does a simple task and besides hasn't any commercial intent because of its nature, it won't have a bunch of layouts and some sophisticated and complex graphics and animation. But by "cool" I meant it will have "an easy to navigate and consistent UI". I really want my app to be an extension of my phone/tablet (same as Gallery or Google+ apps), so, I simply stick to the official Android guideline. [] With that in mind, I will try to come up with a custom design to fit my app. Obviously, the first design is going to have some flaws and have to be tweaked in order to satisfy the user and project expectations. So, if you have an idea for UI, grab a pen and paper and sketch some prototypes for it and then refine them to match Google standards.


@Lucien Thank you...


Thanks for all reply guys......😃😃😃😃


@Babak Sheykhan Thanks for your reply.. can you tell me about your cool design..


Make a calculator GUI, that is a useful beginner project. First of all read how to make GUIs with Java Swing (on the Netbeans website for example) then make one and modify it however you like.


@Gordie JavaFX is supposed to replace Swing but most companies and developers do not feel safe with it yet. JavaFX is not better or worse than Swing but it might be in certain cases. In my opinion it was just invented for marketing.