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AngularJS vs ReactJS. What to choose?

I recently start to learn JavaScript and I have a good progress with it. Now I'm thinking what to choose to go to the next step. It seems that AngularJS and ReactJS are most popular JS Frameworks now. Please, tell me about their pros and cons. What would you suggest and why? If you can advise resources to study it would be great :)

1/2/2018 7:34:14 PM

Anastasia Shafigullina

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ReactJS cheatsheet and more in the following page regarding AngularJS vs ReactJS: first make the distinction, AngularJS is a framework while ReactJS is a library which specificly handles the UI (user interface) of a web app. AngularJS gives you a more comprehensive set of tools for web development ($http for example for making web requests). with ReactJS you would have to find other solutions for (axios for making web requests for instance) but the development with React is much more convenient (in my opinion at least :] ) and the component approach is really easy and straightforward once you master it. here are some codes i have made in AngularJS and ReactJS if you wish to inspect them. there are more in the playground if you look for them


Consider to learn React.js with MobX, it's powerful and not hard to catch up.


@Burey thank you for the expanded answer! Very useful. It looks like you can use both at the same time if you want. But it is easier to start with ReactJS.