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Big projects 2018

What are your projects for 2018? What are your aims? And how can the Community in sololearn support you? I started a new project on my Raspberry Pi. I try to write a code that sends usefull information automaticaly or on request to my cellphone. Currently the Program warns me about high traffic on my way between home and office. The next step will be a weather forecast every morning. This are the first lines of the code:

1/1/2018 7:22:15 PM

Sebastian Keßler

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@Sebastian yes... apps "Selbst ist der Mann/die Oma" might be an option. But I believe the problem begins with starting the computer.


und wie hat werder gespielt? und hsv? das fehlt!


kannst nicht meckern


It was a little bit tricky to add the new feature: a chart of the temperatures estimated for the next days. The '|' sign marks midnight. 2.16 °C ░|░░░░░░░|░░░░░░░|░░░░░░░| ░|░░░░░░░|░░░░░░░|░░░░░░░| ░|░░░░░░░|░░░░░░░|░░░███░| ░|░░░██░░|░░░██░░|░░█████| ░|░░███░░|░░███░░|░░█████| █|█████░░|██████░|░██████| █|██████░|███████|███████| -9.88 °C


@sebstian you use Twilio? I will dive deeper into google assistant. Unfortunately i didnt get the Magpi. But it works with headphone.


No, I don't use Twilo. I use a simple E-Mail-Script. I like modules and api that I understand. So I learn how all the famous apps work. Many good looking tools are just 'Augenwischerei' and 'Nebelbomben' to collect our data. Or is there a reason why simple android calculators need 20 MB memory and access to my pictures and contacts?


Now weather data are also available. On requests I get an e-mail like this (German language): ... Von ..., Deutschland nach ..., Deutschland dauert die Fahrt aktuell 34 Minuten Minuten. In ... sind es aktuell -3 °C. Der Luftdruck beträgt 1023 Pa. Der Wind weht mit 2.6 Km/h. Der Himmel ist zu 75 % bewölkt. Wettervorhersage für die nächsten 48 Stunden: 2018-02-05 00:00:00  |  -3.9  |  light snow 2018-02-05 09:00:00  |  -1.6  |  light snow 2018-02-05 18:00:00  |  -4.76  |  clear sky 2018-02-06 03:00:00  |  -5.58  |  clear sky 2018-02-06 12:00:00  |  -3.56  |  few clouds 2018-02-06 21:00:00  |  -9.71  |  clear sky 2018-02-07 06:00:00  |  -10.57  |  light snow


Meanwhile added three new Features: - Fuel Prices - Bible quotes of the day - RSS News Headlines


2018 ist lang. Mal schauen, was noch kommt ...


The next small step: my infoport is now executed three times a day - early in the morning, at the end of workingday and in the evening. ___ times = ['06', '15', '20'] while True: if strftime('%H', gmtime()) == times(0): infoport () times.append (times.pop(0)) else: time.sleep (900)


A new application ist running now. My Raspberry reads iCalendar files and returns current events. import time agenda = [] new_date = [] date = '{}{:02d}{}'.format(time.localtime()[0], time.localtime()[1], time.localtime()[2]) calendar = open ('privat.ics', 'r') for line in calendar: if 'BEGIN:VEVENT' in line: new_date = [] elif 'SUMMARY' in line: new_date.append(line.rstrip()) elif 'DTSTART' in line: new_date.append(line.rstrip()) elif 'END:VEVENT' in line: agenda.append(new_date) calendar.close() for line in agenda: try: if date in line[1]: print ('{}, {}{}:{}{} Uhr'.format(date, str(line[1][-6]), str(line[1][-5]), str(line[1][-4]), str(line[1][-3]))) print (str(line[0]).replace("SUMMARY:","")) except: break