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my .exe it stoped by anti virus

Hello, i am using code blocks to code in C. If someone opens my .exe file in other computer, some computers stop .exe file, because can contain virus or other kind of malware. Is it possible to make it safely for other people? I even developed a minesweeper game for my course, i made it available online. I downloaded in other computer to show that to a friend. if i did not that was a legit program because my friend´s anti virus stopped it, other people that might try to download the .exe file, they will thing that is a dangerous program.

1/1/2018 1:18:33 PM

Tiago Amaral

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I don't know men, maybe try to change the code and don't put code about system or try to open .exe as Administrator.


ok. I am understanding. I often use the code such as system("pause"); system("cls").