To all (beginner) programmers!

Never give up! When u start coding (or in general just something) There will be good thing and bad things but just keep going. Even when People tell you that u cant make it or that u suck, dont listen to them. I for exemple, am not the best at math ('something that you really need' is what a lot if people say) but still i continue, why? Because you never need to give up, because even without being good at math you still can be a great coder, and because coding is fun. So dont let people tell you,youCan

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Some people say that you have to be superb in math. Some of them says that you have to know perfect syntax and language. i say that you have to think! That's all. Thank you for good motivation:)


if (failed == true) { keepGoing(); neverGiveUp(); } else { celebrateHowAwesomeYouAre(); neverStopCoding(); //Never stop improving! } /* Whether programming is your life or just a hobby, don't do it 'cause you want to go to college, you want to earn lots of money, or because someone else told you to. Do it 'cause you love it! Only then can you become the best programmer you can be! Good luck and never stop coding! */


well said :) before I started engineering, I was terrible at math. as a self professed 'math-phobe' I done everything in my power to avoid the subject at all costs. three years ago I decided that a bit of consistent effort over time was going to see me crack the subject. math turned out to be one of my best subjects in engineering. regardless of the subject, weather it be programming, a specific language or a subject like math, great things can be accomplished with a bit of self belief. Understand that those little 'bits', the small wins every day are bringing you closer and closer to cracking it :)


I absolutely agree. I have been in the trade now for over 20 years, but programming since I was 10 years old (that is for over 35 years now). I programmed in BASIC, Pascal, c, c++, Java, JavaScript, rexx, php, Perl and many many more including bash and other scripting variants. I've used very strict languages as modula-II and very loose ones like Ruby. programmed using functional programming and object-oriented paradigms, and things in between like objective-C. Worked on the very small embedded systems and the very big mainframes. And yes, sometimes you are banging your head on your desk, wishing you learned a complete different job. But, let me tell you a secret... nothing is impossible, it might be incredible hard and ridiculous complex, but it can be done. And when the time come that you see your 'baby' working, wether it is routing calls, sorting luggage (on time, on the right place and for the right flight) or being completely transparent for the end-users which are therefore oblivious that the machine they are working on, is no longer a physical machine, but a second level virtual machine.... than you can smile, be proud, feel the king of the world.... With perseverance, motivation, clear goals and intelligence you can make everything work with programming.... 👍


Wikipedia : " I know evrythng " Google : " I have evrythng " Facebook : " I know evrybody " Internet : " without me u r nobody " . . . . . . . Electricity : " shut up u all " :-P :-P


i salute your words is encouraging to me


Expand your knowledge, you are only limited to the limit you create for yourself. It might not be easy at first but I know it will worth it. Consistency, Persistency and Practicing are the key. You might not be as smart as they are but that is not an excuse not to work hard. Hard work beats Talent when Talent doesn't work hard. You can join WhatsApp group to connect with great programmers around the world and no need to even drop your number for Privacy protection. just click on the following link https://chat.whatsapp.com/3FITeBjbwYyAUAC7xeV2kB let's collaborate on slack.... Meet other great both beginners and experienced developers and Programmers in the community... let's keep learning... Invite yourself through this link and register to join... it's Free https://slack-invite-automate.herokuapp.com/


you need to love the things you do. thas its the only trick in this job. The others opinion is pure sh....


Despite all the talk about Math and Language Arts above, I code because I love it. I've always been decent with math, great with linguistic syntax and absolute crap with developing original paragraphs describing how a book made me feel. I have, however, developed quite the "Googling" skills! With a basic knowledge of programming methodology and even mediocre knowledge of How-To-Google, anyone can write a program. We start small... Hello World! Those magical words 'magically appear' on the console as the computer, this mysterious box that many feel helpless against, bends to YOUR will. From there, you slowly build your repertoire within a language or maybe even learn another. Somewhere later down the line, we see a problem and we think, "There HAS to be a better way to do this..." When that thought is proceeded with pseudo-code that eventually then leads to a resolution --- That feeling right there is my favorite of all. Deploying that code, with or without credit, and watching it progress in the real world... Sometimes they become an every day part of someone's life; sometimes they flop face-down in the dirt off the line. Regardless, you brush yourself off and are forever subconsciously watching for your next opportunity to 'fix' something. A program, process, server, VM or integrated device... Whatever the case may be, we will be there. Better yet: as a coding community, we will be there for each other. SoloLearn is an excellent tool to learn and practice the basics, but the true strength it has is the strength of coders supporting coders. Because in the end, Alone: we may be able to create a great program But... Together: We Can Code ANYTHING.


Good motivation for those who are starting to code. Just keep it up. Never give up. 💪💪💪


well it is not about math or languages or anything else it is about your will it is just about you and the people that say to you that you can't, they are too lazy to work for smthg so they don't, but the feel jealous when you are doing smthg so they try to make you quite


WOW! Such wonderful inspiring words! I take that personally to heart and will double my efforts to become better. I am a newb programmer but I will still continue on, despite my numerous failures! Thanks so much for the inspiration! 😥😄


we can do it! 😁


Inspiring honeyed words I guess. But let's be realistic for a minute. You can easily learn how to code, with just studying and practicing. No need to be good at math for that. But becoming a programmer is not easy. You have to be creative and smart. When you're a programmer, you don't search the net for answer. You have to be able to find your solution for every goal. You have to be able to design the logic and algorithm in your mind. So yes, programming is serious and not a child's play. Becoming a good programmer in the other hand is an impossible job. Anyone with proper education and a bit of hard working can learn the syntax for any language, but only some people have what it takes to be a great "Developer".


Never_loss hope();


20+ years ago, I first started learning C/C++. I was so excited for this simple logic, it became a natural practice for me. Despite people questioning what I was doing or laughing at me thinking that I was just wasting my time, I practiced it after all my other work was done and I had played my sports for the week. When I could no longer do physical sports due to injury and my mother's decision, I still programmed. I at this point was building graphics games on Windows machines and occasionally having fun fork bombing them too. By the time college came, I self taught myself about C/C++/Java/HTML/CSS/Python and more would come after that. I double-majored in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. I interned at companies that allowed me to put my skills on display and learn new languages on the fly. I have worked as a system designer and analyst for many years providing insight to some top priority projects around the world. So I write this to say that yes you can do it. Any thing you put your heart into can be achieved. Just take it from me, someone who wasn't supposed to have any of what I have now. Cheers.


In programming Logic is the most important because you need to find a way to solve problems. In other words programming is finding a solution no need for you to be good at math


To me, programming is like playing with LEGO's.. more or less


//Believe in yourself!


every human being has the advantages of each, so, make our weaknesses as motivation for success