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Challenge BUG

Lost a challenge that was supposed to draw, but it kept repeating 5ᵗʰ question correct--> continue -->correct--> continue -->... until it got expired, notifying me that I have lost the challenge if this has happened to anyone else, Please tell me how to fix it ?

12/30/2017 2:14:27 PM

Abidulhaq 🇦🇫

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@Abidulhaq - It's an old bug, happened to me a few times, I've reported it twice I think and they've cleared it for me.


thank you @Charan Leo25 let's hope that next update will have less challenge bugs!!


it usually happens when u have weak internet connection at the mid of the challenge.. i have faced it when i run out of data


It has also happened to me once.



It once happened to mr


happened to me but i think it also happened to the person i was against either that or it was extreme luck that he got the exact score i did with the same questions right/wrong


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