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Should I start learning python2 or python3?

SoloLearn is great tool. Would it make sense to go back and focus on python2.

12/29/2017 2:54:29 PM

Lee Harris

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No, because what you learn will be irrelevant if you go to code in Python3. Learn Python3 because it will have more features and possibly be simpler than Python2


Well, I would suggest you learn both. Although Python 2 is older than 3, it is still the de facto standard amongst Python Devs. Python 2 will be supported until 2020. If you hope the develop before then, it is still a useful tool. Also, the updates in Python 3 aren't that dramatic. For Ex: Python 2: 8/5 returns an integer (1) unless you do 8/float(5) Python 3: 8/5 returns the floating point number (1.6)