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Learn to code despite kids

Hey community. What are your thoughts about how to get better in coding and find time to practice if you have kids. It sounds silly but having a baby makes it really hard to find time to sit down and code/learn. Thank you

12/25/2017 5:34:19 PM

Schleifer Grigorij

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I downloaded the app on my iPhone/Android today it's save time to not log in so just keep it on your app


- If you commute to work, use the app on your ph. - If you're using a ph or tablet get a Bluetooth keyboard all you can be more productive. -Take a few extra mins on the toilet. Despite all the above, having a baby can take up lots of time but the time you get with your kids is priceless, so enjoy as much as you can.


I'm not a parent or have a baby but i have a 5 years old cousin that sometime live with me and I cant do nothing when he's around... but maybe you can take turn with your spouse... when your spouse is the one taking care of your baby, you should go to someplace quite if you prefer to code... it might not have to be your spouse it could be anyone you trust or try doing codes when the baby asleep


That's life, the baby takes priority. The little one is totally dependent on you for all of their needs. SoloLearn will still be here later. Congratulations on the baby by the way.


Hey folks! Thank you so much for your answers and the support.