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Hi. Why in "Code Playground" some codes have hundreds of likes and comments, but other codes that do the similar task (not the copy/paste) have only 2-3 like. Not more. Sometimes these codes with only "2 like" look and work better than others... And usually these "2 likes codes" are published before the many likes codes... I just wonder why this happens... And I saw it in different languages and different codes. P.S. And, please, please, don't reply to this question with the link to "SoloLearn's Content Creation Guidelines". P.P.S. I don't talk about my codes. :)

12/25/2017 12:25:48 PM


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some "conspiracy theories" available here: i am an advocate of @ValentinHacker's take on this ^_^


I'm happy you also noticed that,how many likes a code gets on sololearn seems to be about how long sololearn puts it in trending!I have seen very crappy codes make it past a 100 likes ,in fact my best code has just 14 likes and it took 4 days to write that code,This is the internet man,people like codes on various reasons so...


if I owned sololearn I'll split remove dislikes and split codes into views and likes.Once you run a code automatically you've viewed it.But only a certain range maybe above level 6 or 7 can then leave a like on the code.But...I'm never gonna own Sololearn,they rejected my business partnership offers😂


Basically the "Natural Selection" theory also applies here . If codes are updated frequently the get on top of most recent more times and get more likes . If it leads to getting a place in trending they get even more likes. Sometimes the code may be good but wasn't updated much or just wasn't in luck . It's all random The best may not come at top but bad codes will almost never come . That's what natural selection promises , if I understand it right.


user most of the people that gets a lot of likes do post their code on CODE ADVERTISING trends and others might have a lot of followers increasing their chances. Also if a code can get up to 20 likes within one hour, the code is likely to appear on "TRENDING TODAY" this increases the chances of more people seeing the code.


I think it is possible that some publishers use different methods (like multi accounts) to increase likes... It would be better when accounts under the level X (for example 5, or 10) couldn't "like" anything here... And same about "comments".