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How to win challenges i always loose the challenges

12/23/2017 1:39:44 AM

Rohit Alawa

6 Answers

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Failure is success in progress. Do not give up. Where there is a will, there is a way


Repetition is the keyword in that. Most challenges cease to be after you do them a certain number of times Of course it is important to learn and understand the answers and not just memorize them


Learn from challenges. I have some challenges code in my codes


Rinse and repeat... Choose one weapon and only challenge and accept challenges for it until you master it. Then progress to another weapon eventually when you are feeling more confident. Keep reviewing the course material for your weapon of choice and be sure to check the correct answers for any questions you got wrong after every challenge where you didn't get full marks.


If you want to win then repeat and repeat like people said but If you want to learn then play with challenge codes ;-)


Don’t be discouraged. A lot of winners “were” losers. You can’t learn to win by winning but by losing. Microsoft was the 2nd venture with Paul Allen, the first company failed. See NBA commercial about winning.