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I might probably look like a rookie but how does a challenge work here in sololearn? Thanks for your answers, hope you're doing great!!

12/22/2017 7:01:39 PM


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@Andy I encourage you to do so! ☺ Challenges are fun and are good for quick thinking 😎 Good idea 😊☺


Easy -- you challenge someone and answer five quiz questions. For each correct answer you get 1 point. Either you win, lose or draw and gain, lose or save your xp score (subject to some adjustments for challenging the more experienced).


Also the higher levels you challenge the more XP you gain!


foreach{ } :D!!! thanks a lot I apprentice your answer and I think it might be good if I start challenging some users !!


@Learnsolo thank you very much indeed, that's why I love this community everyone helps each other, I'll do it I promise, thanks for the information :D