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Website building

Hey guys! I want to create a website for Photography enthusiasts where they can login an account and post their photos. My question is, what would you want to add as a plugin in my ideal Photography website? Any idea would be very good for me. 😁

12/22/2017 8:04:57 AM

Jerico Infante

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If you like then you can make it with php and sql. Database (sql) is necessary because php donot run real-time in short if you use if/else statement only when condition is true then that code executed and code is not saved.... To save a code you use database, for saving image you use database (for url)......html should wrapped under php and css in external file..... Js if necessary.. All depend upon your skills, you should use namespaces and object-oriented programming and use composer psr-4 auto loading that help alot in making a huge big project


Thank u Animesh... But I've had learned those languages.. I'm just asking for more ideal plugins like creating A messaging plugin where they can exchange thoughts about their photos to other photographers. And yeah thanks for helping me up with this ideal website project. 😁


Not that hard... Just make two table in database, first one for registration and activation, second one for the messages, in both to filter, you can use same username for in future you can link messages with someone like in many messengers like fb messengers and WhatsApp messengers... You also can tweak it to see all chats