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Text editor for coding

What is your favorite text editor for writing code and why?

12/20/2017 6:35:02 PM

Aleksej Donchuk

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I paid for PHPStorm 2 years, but anyway I don't like it. I tried Visaual Studio by Microsoft, don't like it. Also I tried Sublime/Brackets, it's not bad but only convenient for small projects with Front-End Most of the time I use Atom: - Has terminal, a lot of good addons - It's light, you can create/copy/paste files/folders from it's source tree - good structured, supports almost any languages - works good even for MEAN, MERN, Python projects. For java Spring Boot only Eclipse IDE it's like tools: screwdriver for screws, hummer for nails and after switching on macOS after 10 years of working with web-dev on Windows, I will not come back to Windows as long as it's possible. Don't get me wrong, I have a second laptop on Windows, I still like it but not for programming. I know people who switched from macOS to Windows because they were developing VR games, and all MacBooks were unable to handle graphic.


why you think that notepad is better? it doesnt have pluguins for example


Asif, you talks right but is some troubles. I creating commercial sites for sold. sublime with plugins helps me coding more faster. and time is money)


aleksej donchuk, in starting you fill bored but after some time your coding skill always good if you use notepad it's my opinion. notepad always help you to remember the syntax and all that no metters what is your programming language and also if you try atleast one month coding with notepad your learning graph is always increase more with compare to any editor.it is my experience and correct if i am wrong..... thank you for your questions πŸ‘πŸ‘


netbeans for what?


interesting... for example?))


if you really want to learn some thing deep then i suggest for windows user: 1.Notepad for Linux user: 2.vi/vim editor and also available editor/ide: 3.netbeans ide 4.eclipse ide 5.atom 6.brackets 7.sublime 8.notepad++ https://code.sololearn.com/cMIFlaGeR5Q9/?ref=app oop based dynamic singly linkedlist I think you liked πŸ‘πŸ‘


ok, thanks)


@Aleksej Donchuk,you right but if you want to learn something from scratch then notepad is always good choice and also IDE or Tool that you mentioned is also powerfull and handy πŸ‘πŸ‘


I like Vs Code.



DevC++ for C


Atom.io is pretty nice. I use it a lot with hydrogen add on, which allows running python code without opening a terminal.


I prefer Sublime text editor πŸ”₯


Vim, VS Code


notepad++? I don't think so ...


sublime text, and netbeans.


for creating dynamic projects.




PyCharm for Python because why not 🀷 and visual studio for c# even though it's clunky and generally bad lol EDIT (28/12/2018): PyCharm is really useful for larger projects, but for small things VSCode is really really nice. JetBrains products are usually really good, though many times VSCode wins (JS/TS, HTML/CSS, etc.).