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Which programming language is going to go booming in 2018?

12/20/2017 12:29:35 PM

shyam kumar

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Does it really matter? If a programming language is going to go boom you will know it.


The real answer is "Who knows?". Maybe someone is creating a revolutionary programming language in their room as we speak.


A language that is user friendly with AI (PythonπŸ˜‰)


JAVA will remain the reigning Champ for several reasons: 1. A vast majority of colleges and universities teach Java as part of their computer science program. 2. It is super durable and allows the developer to build for both android and iOS along with having the flexibility to program drones, robots, and create video games, etc. 3. Almost any employer will give you the opportunity to plead your case as a Java Developer (without a degree) for an employment position; try doing that with a JS or Ruby background and no degree (Good luck). 4. Honestly, I can provide a million more reasons why Java is the champ for years to come. Cheers, 🦁🀴🏾 ...building an AI system for my home currently.


Python Simple and powerful


Hey guys. New here, just a level 3 learning HTML first. I know about python but what is "GO"?


1. Go 2. Kotlin 3. Python 4. Elixir ^-^


I believe C++ is that programming language (just because I like it😁😁) Merry Christmas!!


Robotics and AI will rise. So thats why imho Jawa and Python goes forward.


This is 5 languages going to go booming in 2018 (my version) 1. Python 2. Java 3. Go 4. Kotlin 5. JavaScript


go and Python are competing highly


python for sure


GO, is looking like that language πŸ˜€





I think, it is not a matter that which programming languages will be booming in 2018. Cause every programmers have their own chosen programming language. That's why it is always vary in person to person. But your question has a big value. In this modern world we can see in our everyday life changeable. So, languages will be changed in future. This is my personal opinion that at next we can see more easer languages will take place as a king position. Cause, everyone wants to work in a easy way. Not by a difficult languages with a hard way...


python is gaining momentum still. I think multiple platforms will continue as more corporations develop and prepare a cloud ready strategy. Python becoming a required skill for administrators would need to develop automation processes using REST API. Python helps admins develop the programming skills necessary to accomplish tasks in creating automations and cloud deployment tasks.


Java should remain the best stable platform ever used :)


Go is great and I hear a lot about Kotlin, but as an outsider tip Elixir really is one too watch, it's just too ahead of the curve to be anything other than fringe at the moment... Think Ruby but faster, and built to scale to massive numbers of connections. Two million simultaneous connections on a single server has been tested working with Elixir. As well as lowering costs for enterprise apps, the multiplexing applications have only just begun to be discovered.


Go and kotin