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[SOLVED] What is a SoloLearn Moderator?

12/20/2017 11:32:44 AM

Hack Erer

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A SoloLearn Moderator is a community volunteer who is trusted by SoloLearn regarding their judgement & ability to work with a team while abiding by the Moderation-Guidelines (shared below) and regulating content shared by normal users wherever necessary. https://www.sololearn.com/Moderator-Guidelines Each ascending rank is equipped with additional & more powerful tools than lower ranks. • "New" Mods are the official new-recruits who successfully passed the nomination trials after being nominated for modship. Naturally, NMs are the least equipped of the moderators. They do have some tools (that I won't specify) - but *most* of them require cooperative actions from other New-Mods (yay team-work!). These requirements work perfectly regarding post-trial "on-the-job" training, etc. :P • Silver Mods are standard mods. They have access to the New Mods' arsenal, as well as 1-2 other things. A NM graduates to SM status once an exceptional amount of time passes (as long as their activity within SL is at least somewhat agreeable, etc.). • Gold & Platinum Mods consist of the more experienced team-members. Over the course of 1+ year(s), if a SM regularly contributes to (classified) moderation-oriented discussions, debates, events, etc. (in & out of) SL, they could qualify for a promotion to GM. Qualifications for this particular promotion (S/GM) tend to be based on specifics regarding individuals in-question (character, temper, rationality, etc), rather than on a set list of things. This is due to a fairly large power/access-leap from SM to GM. G/PMs have case-by-case, in-depth discussions prior to each & every promotion. • Platinum Mods are the veterans of SL. They oversee & coordinate the entire mod-team, and their contributions to discussions carry A LOT of weight by default. Only two authorities can overturn a PM's say (anywhere): the collective mod-team and the in-house SL Admins. > Bottom-Line: Moderators are here for the community (YOU) - (just don't touch Rei's cookies)! :x #run


British A person who reviews examination papers to ensure consistency, or otherwise oversees an examination. ‘after marking by the tutor, the papers are returned to a moderator' A person who moderates an Internet forum or online discussion. Physics  A substance used in a nuclear reactor to retard neutrons. ‘in a fast reactor there is no moderator to slow the reaction down’


Be active in QA threads in order to become a moderator


lol😂😂i mean in sololearn what is moderator


if i report someone about spamming, cheating then will i also become moderator???😳😳


otherwise i know moderator in nuclear reaction slows down reaction and perform a nuclear reaction in a controlled manner


one thing more where can i report about that??? @immortal