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Code Playground Update

Sololearn have been introducing new features to the app like lessons,new badges e.t.cBut among all these updates ive never heard of the playground being updated!Im limited in my codes because I can't count several javascript objects and methods that work on sites like codepen but fail on the codeplayground!This community is expanding and isnt just for beginners alone anymore! //It would be better if the playground was among the updates!😇😇Thank you

12/16/2017 10:45:48 PM


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Hmm... As usual, you should email them. I've never heard of the code playground updated either. It's a good idea 👍


Well the most recent update was in C. I honestly want graphics in non-web language.


the console in web/php code can be scrolled like comment section


The graphics in non-web other languages are a bit far from arriving or at least I think that Note that CodePlayground seems to interpret the code and then return the response as plain text. Even trying to add colors to the output of the text by console does not work (I tried to make a small program in C to test that and it was impossible)