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Sololearn team is not good

i watch a code for svg course, after watching i am shocked. i just want to say the sololearn team show code of the day is color study. really this is cheap code and may be easy to make.. please make svg course to code of the day.

12/12/2017 4:05:53 PM

Kunal Kumar

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@Kunal Kumar There is no need to apologize for your words; you said exactly what you were thinking/feeling and that's relative truth. We don't hate you, so just take this as a life lesson and a means of making you more than you were previously. Trust me, all of us at some point have felt this way over something or another. When you have a competitive nature (which most do), then it's only natural that you feel a certain way if you don't win. However, one must use that situation to improve themselves so they're better prepared to win next time. Failure has always be more important to my progression than success has ever been. If you're able to see and learn the lesson that's embedded in your failures, you transform your failures into the building blocks of your success later.


The SVG course code is one of the excellent codes in SoloLearn. So, why is it not COTD? Because it is 11K lines of code which takes time to load. How many people do you think will wait through the loading time to see the code? That's why it is put on the top of "Trending".


I'm more shocked that someone saw the COTD, got jealous because they didn't win it, and then decided to create a thread to talk about it as if it's some bug/glitch in the system. Honestly, get over yourself or go have a pity party by yourself. The person that won COTD is the person that won, so instead of "woe is me," how about you go and congratulate them instead? It's time to mature up and stop acting like a kid that wants to always have his way.


Never say code is cheap everyone is having talent everyone have freedom to share their knowledge always appreciate knowledge and hardwork.


yes cxc thanks for supporting me if it continues we should take action because it effect sololearn community.


I am sorry Kunal very nice code all the best create more codes achieve more keep inspiring us keep smiling.


This is not the way how things flow in apps.. And here in sololearn everything has an algorithm.. the basic is that, the number of likes and comments a code earn as fast as possible.. it becomes the cotd. so you cannot blame the Team, Please!!


Don't say bad words about sololearn before you would say anything think over it and say.


@Netkos Ent ok bro


i am sorry to all for my words.



Then why are you using SL? Just leave SL, otherwise bad company will make you bad too.


@dipta aakash biswas when i say bad company. don't be over smart.. i rescept solo learn.