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Why is Android Studio so damn hardver demanding?

My laptop has 4GB RAM and a Pentium B950 CPU it runs Visual Studio pretty well but for Android Studio... not only it takes a long while to load it freezes extremely easily (and I'm not even using the emulator). On my desktop (8GB RAM, I3-6100 CPU) it runs perfectly. Why is it so hardver demanding compared to Visual Studio? Is it badly written or there's something else behind that?

12/11/2017 5:51:18 PM

Kevin Eldurson

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As developing apps gets easier, requirements get higher. 8 GB RAM is officially recommended for Android Studio.


4GB is not optimal for Android Studio


i use android studio which lags substantially but the only thing that never worked was the emulator because i need a higher graphics card


Unity , capable of making Android apps , runs perfectly but on same device Android Studio doesn't . The reason is hard to tell


ha-ha I have HP notebook 2Gb ram and AMD E1 1300Mhz