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what is the advantage of studying c++

11/7/2016 1:57:25 PM


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C++ gives you insight into low-level and high-level programming like assembler, C or the C++ specific features. It has a rich selection of programming paradigms like functional, object orientated or template programming. Thus, mastering C++ will likely make you a good programmer in many other programming languages.


In todays world, computers also play a major role in every field. Even in hotel management. C++ is the mother of all programming languages. So if you study it, you can learn any language very easily because it almost uses concepts from c plus plus only. You can make apps by this and can do much much more. It even increases your logic oriented approach.


C++ is a very important programming language to start with. :)


It is simple language which provide us security to our data and also help us to share our private data with our friends