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❄⚡lets clear this thread⚡❄

our mods face more difficulty as the number of related and non related post increses day by day here https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/524028/?ref=app so my request is that we should clear non related and solved issue post from there like this thread only if you done that and comment. "DONE" only plz it's a request this thread will be deleted if one of our mods replied on this thread and told us "it's done" thanku

12/2/2017 1:03:14 PM

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my also done //if u find more , then let me know


I wonder if a new thread would be helpful, to start from scratch. There's also a #reports section on the Sololearn discord, it makes it easier to ignore old posts.


done😊😊 I know the importance of the thread "let's stay safe together " which is to deal with all unfair things happen in the community so I deleted my every post to make this thread clean by which reports to the mods will reach easily


DONE I think


Nowadays I don't report this thread here. I do it directly on discord. Which is quite a good idea


pegasus you have about 20+ post out there it would be nice if you pick up your garbage 😏😐😅




Is that really a struggle? They can ignore old posts, even if they're modified. A collaborative task agenda for mods could also help, without worrying about any expired ones.