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Pip install package

Anyone here heard of pip in python. By the way, it’s used to install packages. But here’s the point, they said it’s included when you download python >= 2.7. I can’t find it though(I’m using python 3.6.1), should I delete the old python and download the latest version in order to get pip setup ??

12/2/2017 7:48:06 AM


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you can get pip without doing that, but yeah you can reinstall and make sure pip is checked in installation . keep in mind, it could be that you have it, but haven't set up environment variables in order for your OS to do that. that's also something that the installation can set up if checked.


Try using a command: pip3 install ...


It's indeed included with Python 2.7+ (more specifically, ">=2.7.9,>=3.4"), but as the `ensurepip` module. And no, you don't to reinstall your Python environment to install Pip on these versions of Python, just run the `python -m ensurepip` command and you're good to go (assuming you have the appropriate directories on your `PATH`). If you care about more "detailed" info about this you can go to the `ensurepip` module's documentation, or PEP 453 for the rationale on this (along PEP 477 if you're like me and still use Python 2.7).


Hi Kuba Siekierzyński, I’ve read some pages about pip3 install command and they all say it might leave your OS in inconsistent state since my python is set up by default so it might not be compatible with pip