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Is it advisable to teach your kids basic programming at home

learning be they grow up

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Yes, it is always worth to try, but I agree with @Jamie here that it must be voluntary :) Perhaps you might try to begin with Scratch as it is really appealing to kids. They can easily learn basic logical concepts like loops, conditionals and objects.


If you do try I would suggest you start by showing them the output of something silly or fun you've coded yourself as well as something really basic. This should increase their engagement before you show them any of the actual programming. Also, as Jamie said, don't force it on them. I'm still just occasionally showing my boys the output and have only mentioned actual programming. No real interest yet so I'll try again another day :)


My kids loved Hour of Code and Tynker. I highly recommend starting at any age as long as the learning material is on par with the child's developmental level and they enjoy it. These have been great tools for them to exercise their logic thinking skills.


Duncan, very good advice. When I was 8 yrs old I was very interested in computers because of a game called " math munchers.


Yes, it's worth to try! I recommend starting with Scratch: It's very good for everyone, not just for kids. If they become interested, you can teach them HTML.