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Anyone knows how the rank works?

What is the basis of the rank and how to increase it? Will it reset or decrease when you are inactive for a long time?

11/29/2017 6:36:03 AM

Camelo Alinsugay

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You are ranked based on the amount of XP's you have. You can increase your XP through various ways, like engaging in challenges with friends on the challenge section, completing courses, your codes can earn you XP when it's upvoted multiple times, also you get free XP daily for logging in. Your XP and level don't decrease for any reason. Hope I helped.


yah, sorry that's true @Erik if you fail a challenge, your XP decreases, thanks for the correction


It won't reset or decrease, but you are missing a streak bonus if you do not log in every day.


Thank you for the rerponses!


You can spend XP point to buy hints at the lessons too