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Hello world

Why we always make a hello world program ?? Any guesses?


11/26/2017 2:29:27 AM

Kushal Nagwanshi

12 Answers

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I recall debugging one in C that displayed Segmentation fault instead of hello world 😂. Poor chap forgot to use and check the return value of malloc


That's the first program in most textbooks now, but it wasn't my first either ^^ (Don't think I wrote one that wasn't obfuscated now that I think about it)


Huh. Interesting question. The answer Gilbert gave is probably the most logical one that people assume. There may be other possibilities, but no definitive answer to my knowledge. Interesting because have actually not made a hello world program. Really, I haven't found much luck with programming. Maybe that's the reason why.


I made a hello world program once but it didn't say hello world, it said Expecto Patronum lol


I freaking love you lol 😄😄


I heard it's supposed to be good luck when you first start programming


While I ran one that came with the C compiler back before I ever heard of programming one (1978,) I've never coded one either.


just for welcomiing